Metal Staircases


Modern in style and flexible in design, metal staircases are a fitting option for residential and commercial buildings. As a staircase is an integral part of any building and used frequently, it is of utmost importance that they are made of high quality materials and that the right material is used. With our engineer, high quality materials and custom designs, we are able to fabricate the ideal metal staircase for your space.



Advantages of Metal Staircases:

  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Economic




Metal Spiral Staircase


The space saver of all the staircases. The clever design of the spiral staircase allows for installation in an area with minimal space while utilising minimal space due to its wrap around architecture. This staircase provides easy access to an upper level while creating an eye-catching feature within a space. Our metal spiral staircases are custom designed and built to your spec and are suitable for residential and commercial properties.


Metal Stringer Staircase


This staircase is very versatile, allowing the architect and designer the freedom of design. Whether you are opting for an industrial look, a classic or a modern look, the stringer staircase will compliment them all.


  • Single or double stringer options.
  • Visible rise or hidden rise.
  • Able to laser cut the centre rise support in various patterns.
  • Stairs are strong and sturdy.
  • Diamond plate steel treads available for industrial use.
  • Your choice of wooden tread installed over the metal tread support.



Floating Staircase


The illusion of floating stairs will most certainly be the distinct feature of any space. An abundance of natural light will effortlessly flow between the stairs creating a vision of open space making them ideal for an area where a sense of space is required.

The stair beam is anchored to the wall with a hidden bracket system allowing the protruding stair to overhang without any visible support giving the illusion of the stair floating.


Our floating staircases are suitable for residential and commercial properties and are fabricated to spec.


Cable Suspended Staircase


This contemporary design of staircase is fast becoming popular with architects and designers. The sleek treads and stainless steel cables give this staircase a very minimalist edge enough to compliment any modern space.

Stainless steel cables are threaded through the stair treads creating a sense of movement while providing support. The cables can be used in conjunction with our floating staircase or can be used with a standard, straight fixed staircase.


Our cable suspended staircases are suitable for residential and commercial properties and are fabricated to spec.





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