Perforated Metal Façade Systems

The idea of transforming a one-dimensional aesthetic seen on solid facades is any designer and architect’s dream. By cladding a building with perforated metal panels, one is able to enhance the visual aesthetics of any masonry or brickwork structure, adding texture and depth. The cut outs on the panels create a sense of movement while softening the harshness of the solid façade.



With specialized computer software, we are able to pixelate logos, images and letters by use of laser or water jetting. This software allows designers to run wild with their imagination creating their unique pattern.



Our perforated panels are not only used for the cosmetics of a façade but have a practical purpose too. The perforated cladding helps to protect the building from direct sunlight. In doing this, the need for air conditioning systems is minimized as the panels reflect the sun’s rays away from the building. The larger the perforations, the more natural light will enter. These perforations can be cut out to any size depending on the need for natural night. The use of perforated metal cladding is ideal for buildings in town centers as they deflect the wind and noise away from the building, as well as adding a sense of privacy if desired.



Materials                                    Finishes

Stainless Steel                           Powder Coated

Aluminium                                  Anodised

Brass                                          Brass Antiquing

Copper                                       Copper Blackening

Mild Steel                                   Coloured Stainless Steel


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