Architectural cladding and Metal Panel Facades


What is metal wall cladding?


Metal wall cladding is a process whereby metal panels are fixed over the existing structural materials used in construction. These metal panels create a thin metal skin which offers protection to the exterior of the building as well as creating a visually attractive aesthetic.


Our Product System

Modular panels that offer a flat finish with recessed joints to hide all fixings.

Panels slot into one another to give a smooth, streamlined finish.

Because of the panel geometry, we are able to use a thin gauge of lightweight metal skin.

Customised end profiles are used to finish off the sides, bottom and top.

We offer preformed corners, multiple bends or radiused corners.

No on site fabrication.




Metal wall cladding is a long lasting and efficient system for all buildings whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial. The building’s façade can be transformed into an eye-catching show piece with the use of metal cladding and with the vast amount of finishes and colours available an architects vision is certainly achievable.


The use of metal cladding is not contained to only aesthetics but also has functional benefits. When cladding the exterior of a building with metal panels, the buildings’ structural elements are protected as well as reducing energy costs as the metal walls offer exceptional thermal properties reducing heating and cooling.



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Aluminium Composite Panels

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