Brass Antiquing and Blackening



The antiquing of brass is a similar chemical process to that of copper blackening which results in the brass turning a darker, warm colour. As brass is a shiny metal, it reflects light, by antiquing the brass, it aids in minimizing light reflection and creates a unique aged effect.


Antiquing, also known as aging of brass gives the metal a magnificent brown finish with golden undertones. This particular finish is ideal for grandeur designs or for those wanting a warmer, richer looking metal.


Brushing (H2)


Brushed brass has become an extremely popular finish. We brush the raw brass sheets to create a more textured aesthetic giving the metal more depth and interest. This finish compliments both modern and contemporary designs.


The final stage of both the antiquing and brushing involves coating the metal with a lacquer or clear powder coating giving the metal additional wear.


Products best suited for this finish:

  • Decorative Sheeting used as architectural accents and building facades.
  • Staircases and handrails.
  • Kick plates and push plates.
  • Engraved push and pull plates for doors.
  • Kitchen splash backs.
  • Pillar wraps

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