Metal Balustrades

Our metal balustrades will enhance the aesthetics of your residential or commercial building with the added guarantee of your safety needs being met. We have a standard range of metal balustrades available, however, should you wish to design a custom balustrade, our in-house team of experts will work hand in hand with you to achieve your vision.


What metals are used for our balustrades?

Most commonly used metals are stainless steel and mild steel.

Stainless steel 304 with a 180 grit brush for a stain look.

Stainless steel 316, containing molybdenum which is an alloy that enhances corrosion resistance making it ideal for coastal areas.

Powder coated or painted mild steel.

Brass balustrades most commonly used in casinos and hotels.



Balustrade Designs:


Side Wall Mounted Handrail

The handrail is mounted on the side of wall allowing for maximum exposure of the walkway or staircase.


Cable Balustrades

The complete solution for a modern interior or exterior. This system is impressive in its minimalistic style with the sleek, simple cable lines. Cables are threaded through the upright posts and finished off with a top rail.


Tube Balustrades

There is the option of horizontal installation or vertical installation. The vertical balustrades are the number one chosen product when safety is of outmost importance. Our horizontal balustrades are fabricated in a way that the tubes are welded slightly off-set, making it more difficult for children to climb. Both the vertical and horizontal tube balustrades are classic options and will compliment any building. Available in round, square and rectangular.


Laser Cut Panels

If you are wanting to opt for a more bespoke balustrade, the laser cut panels are the way to go. Your design will be laser cut from panels of stainless steel creating a one of a kind feature in your home or office. The panels are installed between the upright posts and finished off with the top rail.


Glass Balustrades

The transparency of the glass allows for unrestricted views and an uninterrupted flow due to its almost invisible appearance. There is the option of having the top hand rail or for a more crystalline look, the glass balustrade can be installed without the top rail. The toughened safety glass is clamp mounted from the floor or from the stainless steel upright.



What is the legal height required for a balustrade?


SANS regulations state that the standard balustrade height must be 1m from the floor level or 1m from the top of the up stand if the up stand is more than 300mm wide.

Pool area balustrade height regulations increase to 1,2m if there is no wall or fence surrounding the property.





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