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What are metal louvres?

Metal louvers are slats of sheet metal cut to size and placed in various proximity to one another depending on the amount of ventilation required. Their main function is to permit light and air flow while keeping out rain. These systems can be permanently fixed or operable with a handle for small scale, pulley system, motorized or with a tracking system that works with the sun’s rays.


Metal louvres are an effective way of adding a design feature to a functional element. Our recess mounted wall louvres are produced in aluminium, brass, copper and mild steel with various finishes available that will most certainly create a spectacular exterior of the building while still performing the primary function of ventilation.


Our architectural louvre cladding systems are designed and developed from high quality materials to ensure durability. These systems are suitable for small and large scale buildings and are optimised to control the amount of airflow by using a percentage opening per application. Perforated mesh or insect screens can be factory fitted as part of our standard range.





Important facts about our architectural louvres

  • Easy to install
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Designed to any opening
  • Wide range of blade depth available
  • Unrestricted ventilation
  • Fixed or operable

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